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A beneficiary who just wants his fair share

When James* rang the lawyer about his father’s estate, he was mystified by the aggression that his simple enquiry provoked. He was told that his father’s will had “nothing to do with him”. He was even accused of “just being after the money”. All he wanted was to clarify his position! He was being stonewalled, and he knew something not right!

We secured a copy of the documents and found that the estate had been left to a trust. James was really churned up to discover that most of his father’s assets were going to his step-brothers.

Beneficiaries in this sort of predicament often feel helpless. They are frequently told that they have no rights, and that the trustees can do whatever they want.

It’s an awful feeling to be at the mercy of unreasonable trustees.

Trustees do not enjoy perfect freedom, and they certainly can’t just do whatever they want.

In James’s case there have been numerous twists in the story. We identified a conflict of interest and have persuaded the lawyer trustee to step aside. James feels vindicated, and now he has a very good chance of getting his fair share of the estate.

* The names and some details have been changed to protect the anonymity.

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