Signing Formal Documents Remotely

How do people sign formal documents from Lockdown?

Years ago there was a tolerance of informality that does not exist today. Lenders, banks, and retirement villages, require that certain documents be explained to the client by the lawyer who is “present” when the papers are signed. Indeed to witness any document the witness must be “present” and see the person sign. For transfers and mortgages and other land dealings the witness must also confirm that the person who signs has capacity and understands what the transaction is about.

We’ve been doing this using mobile phone face to face calls. Ideally the clients have a printer and can print and read the papers they receive by email, sign them during the face-time call, scan them again and email them back.

Short of this, we can print the documents, and with clean hands wrap and mail them. Until now everyone who has had papers to sign has had a smart face-time-capable phone. Keep your mobile charged.

Where there’s a will there’s a way.

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