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"...providing real solutions to address client needs."


We pride ourselves on engaging in genuine partnerships with our clients, providing real solutions to address client needs. We appreciate the loyalty of our clients and approach all relationships with clients in the expectation of a long, mutually-beneficial future association. 

We may, from time to time, and based on our experience, express our respectful opinion to you on the rightness of a particular course of action. We may do this in order to avoid unintended outcomes.  Please look at our expertise section for a sense of how this works, giving confidence to our clients and adding value to our services.

"...committed to creating strategies with long term view..."


Lucas and Lucas are always willing to engage with the needs and requirements of our clients, providing practical, real-world solutions. We are committed to creating strategies with a long-term view when needed.


We like to keep our commercial clients (actually all our clients) out of court, principally by careful documentation and holistic advice that has regard for the law, policy, costs, careful assessment of the circumstances and the best way forward.


When we supply a quote:



When we supply a quote we will stick to it.  Lucas and Lucas strives for transparency in all aspects of our business practice.

In many transactions we can supply a fixed fee quote. When we do that, we stick to it. In any event, we are happy to provide estimates and updates.

Please bear in mind that while we can price the resources necessary to be applied to some legal work, and indeed price for a block of such work, we cannot always predict the outcome. For this reason, our quotes, just like a building quote, will often involve contingencies. Contingencies allow for matters where further decisions are required from clients as to direction and extent of effort against expected benefits. 

We are happy to provide you with our hourly rates. Click here to email us a request for the hourly rates at which we record time. These rates must be read subject to any particular terms we agree with you, and subject to the Terms and Conditions and Client Care Information. This document includes the client care and service information which the Lawyers Conduct and Client Care Rules 2008 require us to supply to clients.   

Printouts of the raw data of transactions through our trust account are available to clients at any time, and we can update you on request as to the progress of our work on your behalf.   


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