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  • Jeremy Callander

Building off the Plans

Many of us know a story about someone buying a house off the plans at a supposedly fixed price……only to have their costs blow out, and ultimately to be left in a battle with the building company. The resulting stress and the financial consequences, can be life changing…and not in a good way.

Construction contracts are usually ‘take it or leave it’, where there isn’t a lot of wiggle room – especially when you’re working to a limited budget. This means it’s really important that you understand what the contract says – especially in terms of where there may be potential for the cost of the build to increase.

We can help you to properly understand exactly what it is that you are signing up to……before you sign up to it. At Lucas and Lucas we can identify and help you to understand, where the terms of the contract may leave you exposed, and provide advice on what you can do to limit (or eliminate) that exposure.

Thinking of building a new house? Give us a call.

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