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  • Jeremy Callander

‘Do it yourself’ Will kits

Many of us own an automobile.  However, most of us do not engage in DIY engine repairs.  

Why? Because most of us don’t really know anything about the nuances of the combustion engine, nor of automobile repair in general.

Likewise, most of us do not engage in DIY plumbing, electrical repair, or the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals or explosives.  We leave this to the experts.

The same wisdom needs to be applied to the drafting of our Wills.

At its best, the drafting of a Will that accommodates the circumstances and serve the needs of a given individual, combines technical expertise with creative writing.

Online, do-it-yourself Will kits, are the preschool paint-by-numbers equivalent.  

If you have lived your life in a paint-by-numbers, fill-in-the-blanks, no-special advice-ever-needed kind of way, then you might just get away with a fill-in-the-blanks kind of Will.  

But most people won’t, because most people are living lives that involve varying degrees of nuance, complexity and uncertainty.  

Most of us are living lives that are far from simple......and we need Wills that have been written to suit.  

At Lucas & Lucas, we take the preparation of Wills seriously; not only because we want you to be happy with your Will but because we want those you leave behind to happy as well. 

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