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  • Chris Lucas

How the court system works

If you have a dispute, there are two key things you need to appreciate about our court system.

  1. Nearly all cases are resolved before any lawyer rises to speak in court.

  2. It’s the written presentation that matters most.

The court system is designed to avoid surprises.

Because of this, most of what is ‘going to be said’ in court must be written down first and filed in advance, usually well

before the hearing.

If you want a good result in this system, it requires preparation, attention to detail and writing skill. Very often cases will settle on the strength of a powerful written presentation.

The key is to be able to get your point across simply, so that it is easily understood. We know that we have got it right when clients say to us, ‘…that’s exactly what I would have said, if I knew how to say it’.

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