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  • Jeremy Callander

Succession Planning – it's all in the detail

Most parents want to help their kids. Often this help involves money. As kids get older, the sums of money involved tend to get bigger. Significant assets may be co-owned or transferred. Businesses may be purchased or passed on.

Maintaining good family relationships can challenging at the best of times – even within the context of an otherwise loving and functional family. Throw some money into the mix, or perhaps an unexpected death, and you potentially have an emotional cocktail.

When things are – or feel like they are – going awry, sound advice, accurate information and clear communication are amongst your greatest allies. So, if you are thinking about:

1. Purchasing a property with or for one (or more) or your kids;

2. Letting one of your kids join in the family business; or

3. Lending/gifting them money…

…then let us help you to formulate, plan and execute a smooth transaction.

Furthermore, we can help you to document the transaction in such a way, that if things do start to go awry further down the track, you and your children will be able to communicate clearly with each other, because you will have accurate information to work with.

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