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  • Jeremy Callander

There goes the neighbourhood…

Emmy Lou Harris once sang that “Neighbours are fun, I love them everyone. We get along in sweet accord”. It’s a lovely sentiment. If not always accurate…

Disputes involving people who live in close proximity to one another are difficult. You can’t ignore your neighbour’s unneighbourly antics because they live right next door to you but you are hesitant about confronting them and risking their wrath because……well, they live right next door to you.

You can ask us to help. Depending on the precise nature of the issue, we may or may not be able to solve it. But at the very least, we can help you to not make things worse, by taking the heat out of the conversation. Staying calm, objective and on-topic with someone you are not getting along with is sometimes asking a lot. It's where we can help.

If you’re dealing with an unneighbourly situation then give us a call (03) 477 8080

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