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  • Chris Lucas

Why a letter demanding what you want isn’t enough.

We have all seen or heard about letters from lawyers like this:

…My client demands this, that and the next thing. Right now, with a cherry on top…

It’s what we call a wish list. These letters are easy to draw up, sometimes even without thinking.

But you know what the catch is. It’s obvious.

By itself, a wish list won’t make anything happen.

That’s because this sort of letter is all about what you want.

Now, of course we do care about what you want. However, if you are really serious about solving your problem, you will need to focus on what the other side hopes for, dreams about, and (yes) even what they might not want to happen.

That’s what we call leverage. It’s a concept that is so important. Because what matters most for you is what will motivate the other side.

It isn’t always easy to find, but happily for you it is usually very easy to recognise. Finding leverage is part of our job.

Don’t be content with a mere wish list. You’ll feel the difference when you see a letter that is drawn up to motivate the other side.

Give us a call.

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