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If you are in a new or existing relationship and would like to talk your about assets, and how you would like them protected, we can help you.

At Lucas and Lucas, our team will listen carefully to you, and if you like, to both of you, identifying the risks to you and your partner’s assets. From there we assist in negotiating contracting out agreements that work; isolating assets that you need to keep separate; and to be fair to your children.

Some ideas for starting the conversation if you are considering a prenuptial agreement:

  • Don’t put things off - talk earlier rather than later.

  • Recognise that you need your partner and your partner’s lawyer to agree that your ideas are fair. 

  • Balance short term comforts against long term security.

  • Seek terms that will not provoke a future grievance or dispute.

  • Where there is inequality anywhere spell out the detail with examples.

If you are separating we can:

  • Help dividing assets in a fair workable manner

  • Register your claim on land titles

  • Advise on challenging what may be unfair or oppressive

  • Navigate valuation disputes

  • Use the Family Court process to your best advantage

Other ideas to consider:

  • Get your papers in order – valuations , bank records, correspondence, budgets

  • Look for settlement strategies when one of you wants a result faster than the other

  • Stay on course, and don’t be disheartened during the process

  • Ask us about a realistic strategy for you.



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