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Our Commercial work involves assistance in identifying and understanding issues of transactions and contracts and the underlying relationships.  Whether we are advising on general contracts or drafting new and complex agreements, our team at Lucas and Lucas wish to see our business clients grow and flourish.



For commercial property transactions we work with our clients throughout the negotiating process, to ensure a smooth and efficient­ process, including purchase, sale and lease documentation, due diligence and finance negotiations. In particular, our work in this area covers:

  • Contracts & Agreements

  • Property

  • Leases

  • Franchises

  • Joint ventures


Some commercial transactions for business, like sales and purchases, are deals that start and finish within a month or so.  In these transactions you need protection against potential surprises, unfair competition, confidentiality, and time to assess the value of what you propose to buy. 

Then there are the vital on-going commercial relationships which make business happen.  We act for franchisors as well as franchisees. The list of such relationships also includes partners, shareholders, lenders and borrowers, landlords and tenants, licensors and licensees. 


Over time, large sums change hands in relationships which may include one or more roles for each party.   At Lucas & Lucas, an awareness of the integrity required to secure lasting relationships means we can recognise when, in any jurisdiction, a proposal may lack essential integrity. 


Legislation protects consumers to some extent, but our business clients know that it is their reputation and good customer relationships which underpin their business success.  Terms of Trade are used to document such relationships and to manage expectations and the apportionment of risk.



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