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  • Jeremy Callander

Staying the course

The course of our lives can be boiled down to a simple process: decisions followed by consequences – intended or otherwise – followed by more decisions, followed by more consequences. And so on…

You consider the question, goal or obstacle that confronts you, you reckon up the information and resources that are available to you in that moment, you make the best decision that you can in that moment……and then you live with the consequences.

Sometimes things can seem as though they aren’t working out……but that doesn’t mean that the decision you made was a bad one. It may simply be that the fruition of your plan needs more time than you initially anticipated. And that’s okay – you can adapt, evolve and survive. But never doubt in moments of stress, decisions which made good sense when your thinking was clear.

Part of our job is to provide you with sound advice, so that you can make informed decisions. But an equally important part of our job, is supporting you on the journey that inevitably follows those decisions – helping you to adapt and (hopefully) thrive in what can feel like increasingly uncertain times.

We help our clients determine whether it’s the right decision to stay the course.

If you need a sounding board or advice regarding decisions you’ve made, give us a call 03 477 8080.

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