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We have helped many – nurses and care workers, chefs, dairy and horticulture workers  - prove their valid path to residence.


We help business clients who use us to help fill skilled staff shortages. New Zealanders sometimes need our help too, usually to bring a partner or spouse here. We can help you sort what is important - to tell the story in ways that truthfully explains the detail.

With first-hand experience in overcoming difficulties with educators, professional bodies, as well as government agencies and sometimes, employers, our team are here to help.  

Package options to choose from:

NZ 2021 Resident Visa



On 30 September 2021, the New Zealand Government announced this new residence category – the 2021 Resident Visa. This is available to some work visa holders, and some critical purpose visitor visa holders currently in New Zealand

Our goal is to minimise your risk. We do this by assessing the issues and risks in advance, and by carefully covering off on all the identified pitfalls.

This is where you have the convenience and peace of mind of us managing your application from start to finish.

Your Strategy Session



Nearly all our new clients start with what we call a ‘Strategy Session’.


You come in with your papers. We will ask about your situation and then advise on the issues.

The aim is to share our insights and then help you plot the best way forward. We will help you settle on a strategy that is both understandable and realistic.


Having doubts about your application? Call us for your Strategy Session. Maybe you have a Letter of Concern from Immigration New Zealand? Call us for a Strategy Session. Looking for a second opinion. Then the Strategy session is a great option for that too.


Sometimes people just need a bit of advice, and that’s fine by us.

Issue Advocacy

Issue Advocacy is where we represent you in response to a Decline Letter or a Letter of Concern. It involves managing the file and acting on your behalf with Immigration New Zealand.


We will look at the documents in detail, and in some cases we also need to look at the client’s file with Immigration New Zealand. Often when we do this, we will find an angle or some leverage to move things forward.

Another part of our expertise is helping assess what evidence is credible. We will work with your sources to pull the case into shape. It is often easier for us to talk to Immigration New Zealand about the credibility issues than it is for the client.

A well-crafted written submission is always the cornerstone of advocacy in this area. Once the submission is in, we will manage your application to a conclusion.

Our four pillars of immigration advocacy:


We can help identify what issues will surface in your category.
We help you address particular risks you may face.  
We listen to you, very carefully.


We help clients face the information gaps and hard parts of their lives and formulate a realistic strategy with an honest chance of succeeding.


The goal is always the same - to make it as easy as possible for Immigration New Zealand to say “yes”. And when you give Immigration New Zealand the context it is so much easier to get a yes.


Your “story” must stand scrutiny and be backed up by credible evidence. We can advise on what else is needed to confirm your integrity.  


Meet our team
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Call us on 03 477 8080 and see how we can help you.


"As the owner of  a couple of Indian restaurants in Dunedin I often struggle to source local chefs. Lucas and Lucas get me work visas so I can bring in Indian chefs from outside of NZ. If there ever is an issue with my staffs work visa Chris and Natalie are quick to get the problem sorted."

- Sahib Singh, Director, Indian Spice Limited

Sahib Singh