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Calling all Kiwisavers

KiwiSaver is a first important step to creating your wealth. The second important step is to protect that wealth. Very soon you will see that KiwiSaver balance over $15,000. We encourage you to protect that wealth and do this by making a simple will which sets out who will receive your wealth when you pass away.

When you are young or even just least young at heart, the thought of making a will seems pretty unexciting. We hear the comments “I don’t have enough to justify making a will”, “it’s too complicated “or “it will cost too much”.

But if you ask the families of young people aged 25 to 44 years, who have a loved one pass away without a will, they will tell you that they only there was a simple will.

Without a will, if you have a KiwiSaver account (or any bank account or life insurance policy) with $15,000 or more, the assets are frozen, inaccessible to survivors while Letters of Administration are obtained which becomes costly and time consuming.

At Lucas & Lucas we encourage every new or existing KiwiSaver member to have a will. A simple will is the best way to protect your wealth. Then you can get on with living!

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