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  • Chris Lucas

Leverage and why you need it

If you are in a dispute, chances are that you already know what the other party ‘should’ do. Most likely, you feel frustrated because the whole argument seems unnecessary. You wouldn’t be alone in thinking… ‘if only these people would be reasonable, then I wouldn’t have to waste all this money on lawyers’.

We understand you feeling like that.

The question now is – what do you actually want your lawyer to do? When people say to us that they want a ‘solution’, what they really mean is that they want us to find a way to get another person to change, to think differently ... ’

Invariably the key to getting a successful outcome in a legal dispute is paying attention to ‘leverage’.

This concept is important. It’s no good looking at what the other person ‘should’ do. The question is, what are you going to do that will change the conversation. That’s where we come in.

How do you go about finding leverage? Well, it can be difficult, but that’s our job! The truth is that there is no magic bullet. There’s no one size fits all. Maybe you need to focus on a legal point that has been overlooked. Maybe you need to do something to help the other party see the strength of your case. Maybe the ball has been in your court too long. In every case it’s a matter of focussing on the issue and developing a concrete strategy.

The first thing we will do is listen very, VERY carefully. We need to understand exactly what the issues are for you, and the strengths and vulnerabilities of all sides of the argument. We’ll put our knowledge, experience and research capacity at your disposal. We understand how the court system works, and we’ll help you find a strategy that will give you the best chance of resolving your dispute.

The goal is to find realistic ways to change conversations that have stalled.

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