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When you buy a business, set up a trust, make a will, or ask our advice on a property purchase, we expect to be thinking about how the decision will work for you and your family in 20, 30 or more years' time. 

Succession planning is implicit in such transactions. 

At other times, and for various reasons, it becomes necessary formally to address specific generational issues. 
We are experienced also in working with the succession planning approaches of other professions, picking up on family interview reports and bankers' suggestions where we do not do the interviews ourselves, and on structural suggestions by other professionals close to you, the client. 


Our clients like to know that we understand that succession planning is never, never a one-size-fits-all activity. 

We must listen to you, and listen to your accountant, and work with everyone concerned, facing the points of tension for each person and each generation.  Then we follow through with gifting and subsequent planned implementation and monitoring.



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