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  • Chris Lucas

Our approach

Here are the three points that come up every time we help a client who wants to resolve a dispute.

  1. What is the strength of your case? This has to be your starting point. Bravado is all very well but it is so much easier to hold your ground when you know that your position has substance.

  2. What is your strategy? First off, you must have a strategy. This is basically a road map of how you intend to get to the best outcome. Developing a strategy starts with understanding your position. Sometimes a diplomatic solution is possible. Sometimes to protect your position, you must stand up for yourself. Whatever approach you take, it’s important to understand how the system works. You will also need to explore what leverage you might have to influence the conversation.

  3. Are we all on the same page? The strategy that we finally settle on has to make sense not only to us, but also to you. Working collaboratively with clients builds trust; and trust builds resilience when it counts.

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