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New Opportunities with the DCC Zoning Plan Changes

I** In submission period – closing 4 March 2021 **

The Dunedin City Council is currently considering a variation to the Second Generation Dunedin City District Plan (“2GP”) with a view to making possible the construction of additional residential housing.

See the Variation 2 – Summary of Changes here.

It is estimated that the proposed rule changes could facilitate the construction of approximately 2,500 additional homes across Dunedin. This would be over and above the 3,400 new homes that the district plan already anticipates will be constructed over the next 10 years.

The changes being proposed are, broadly speaking, as follows:

1. Zoning changes for some sites, which will give rise to:

  • New greenfield sites (i.e. new building sites) for development in areas that were previously zoned rural or rural residential; and

  • More areas of medium-density zoning (where the density of housing can be increased).

2. Rule changes for most of suburban Dunedin that are intended to:

  • Make better provision for social housing by defining it as a standard residential activity;

  • Remove the restrictions on who can live in family flats, and introducing a maximum gross floor area of 80m2;

  • Allow smaller site sizes and provide for duplexes (or two units) to be housed within a single building (in some zones);

  • Create more flexibility for development, through changes such as making the number of sites that can be undersized unlimited provided the other conditions are met, rather than the current limit of one undersized site.

  • Improve the manner in which 2GP manages the development of areas rezoned for new houses to encourage good urban design and well-managed infrastructure.

If you concerned about what these changes might mean for your property, or alternatively are in favour of the proposed variations, the link for writing a submission is here.

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